Christmas Peace, Somehow

Christmas Peace, Somehow

Your yard is dormant under white.
What once was living may seem blight.
But just like winter leads to spring,
Soon your yard will break forth green.
So, humbly, at this Christmas Time,
I wish to to share with yours and mine,
That just as peace seems dormant now,
That Babe will spring forth love,


Winter worries

Every autumn, when the temperature drops and the leaves start to fall, I get several calls from concerned customers.  It’s usually the day after the weatherman tells them to turn their system off.  Panic sets in, and my phone starts to ring.  Since they heard it on the news, they’re certain that pipes are going to explode, sending shards of PVC throughout the neighborhood, if they don’t get their sprinklers off before the strike of midnight.

Well, let me give some calming advice.

If it hasn’t exploded yet, you still have time.

Through years of observation, and through some unfortunate experiences, I’ve learned that damage rarely occurs unless the temperature dips below 25 degrees, and then it only freezes pipes or backflow preventers that are exposed to the frigid air.  We’ve already had some problems with this in some of the colder climates like Park City and Kamas, but it hasn’t been cold enough to do any damage here in the Salt Lake valley.

So keep your browser posted.  Over the next few articles, I’m going to share some advice that will help you get your system ready for winter—whether your bones are ready or not.