Rates and Warranty


Rates for our products and services are outlined below.  For new installations, we only provide historical averages.  If you want an exact price, just fill out our form and ask.  We’d be glad to come and take a look at it in order to provide you with a written proposal.

Sprinkler Repairs

Service Call

$39.00 — (within Salt Lake County, other the county is subject to a traveling charge)
Service call covers the first 15 minutes 

Hourly Rate

$72.00 per hour for the first man
$30.00 per hour per employee for any additional employees
$96.00 per hour (Brad Steinfeldt labor repair rate)

Rates pro-rated every 15 minutes

New Sprinkler Installation

By proposal
The average size yards have been priced around $3,500.00
Factors which affect cost include size of yard, type of product, soil conditions (rocky soil is more difficult than sandy soil), and distance to project. 

Basic Landscape Work


By proposal and
By square foot
a minimum delivery charge
Priced from .45 to $2.00 per foot installed, depending on amount and where it is being installed


By proposal and
By cubic yard

Large load

6-12 cubic yards per load
Delivered and dumped from a ten-wheeler truck

$185 to $295 per load
Does not include 

Small load

1-3 cubic yards per load
Delivered and dumped from a dump trailer
$95 to $150 per load
Does not include spreading

Tractor work to spread

$85 per hour for the first 15 minutes
$85 per hour thereafter
Rates pro-rated every 15 minutes
Spreading one cubic yard can…

Cover approximately 20 square feet at 2 in. depth
Takes approximately 10 – 30 minutes to spread


By proposal and
By cubic yard
Minimum delivery charge or minimum quantity
$39 to $69 per yard
depends on color, type (mulch, coarse, pine bark, etc.), and delivery distance and quantity
One cubic yard covers about 300 square feet of area

Weed barrier

By proposal and
By the square foot with minimum quantity
Landscaper’s Choice 500 (heavy grade fabric)

20 to 25 cents per square foot installed
Price includes labor and staples


By proposal and
By the linear foot with a minimum quantity


Plastic composite material
$1.50 to $2.50 per linear foot
more susceptible to freeze/thaw heaving

Metal edging

Four inch wide and 14 gauge thick
$4.00 to 6.00 per linear foot

Cement curbing

Subcontracted separately
$2.50 to $5.00 per linear foot
price depends on color and quantity installed

Rock/Boulder work 

By proposal
$1200 to $2000 per load (approximately 24 ton)

Price depends on type, quantity and location of project
One load will build approximately 30 square feet

Tractor work

By proposal and
$85 per hour for the first 15 minutes
$85 per hour thereafter
Rates pro-rated every 15 minutes
Rate is the same for an excavator, trencher, skidsteer or front-end loader

Tree and Shrub planting

By proposal,
By percentage of material cost (35% – 50% markup for installation) or
By container size
How we estimate the cost depends on how the planting material is purchased

Price varies on type and quantity
Price of labor to install depends on size, soil conditions and quantity

Specialty Items

Water Features

By proposal only

Waterfall and pond (Koi pond)

A water feature with a waterfall or stream that recirculates through a standing pond that can support fish
Great way to bring life to a yard
Approximately $3000 to ???
Includes the pump, holding tank, pond liner, filter, piping and labor to install
Does not include rock work, additional soil and special items
Price depends greatly on size and location

Pond-less water feature

A water feature with a waterfall or stream that recirculates through a shallow, temporary pond
The water disappears into a
holding tank when not in use
Great for those with little children
Easier to maintain than a traditional pond
Approximately $3500 to ???
Includes the pump, holding tank, pond liner, filter, piping, and labor to install
Does not include rock work, additional soil and special items
Price depends greatly on size and location

Bubbling rock

A water feature that pumps water up through a hole in a rock allowing water to flow over and down the rock, disappearing into a holding tank when not in use.
Still provides the sound and feel of running water
Excellent for smaller spaces
Reduced cost over a traditional waterfalls and ponds $1500 to ???
Includes the pump, holding tank, pond liner, filter, piping, and labor to install
Does not include rock or drilling of access hole


By proposal
Natural, flat stone approximately 1 1/2 inches thick
Price is based on available stone (the blonde color as shown in various pictures on our website is what is most available)

Flagstone stepping stones

Inexpensive method of providing a path or egress
$10 to $20 per stone

Flagstone patio/path with sand seams

Sand seams provide a place for moss, woolly thyme or other ground cover to grow within the seams
Beautiful, natural garden look
Not as nice as a highly used patio– chairs can poke into the seams and any planting material will create uneven surfaces
More maintenance to keep out weeds
Requires water if you plant something in the seams
$7.00 to $9.00 per square foot

Flagstone patio/path with polymeric sand seams

Polymeric sand hardens for a masonry type finish
Provides a more even surface
Doesn’t allow anything to grow in the seams
Less maintenance sand seams
More natural look than concrete or stamped concrete
$8.00 to $10.00 per square foot 

Paver Installation

Large variety of colors, textures and style
Never cracks like cement
Great for heavily used areas
Blends beautifully with block walls or other features
$9.00 to $12.00 per square foot

Landscape lighting

Give your yard a whole new look!
Provides lighted security for minimal electrical costs
$1200 to $1500 for an LED system, which includes
Five light fixtures with transformer and wire
Ten year warranty– these aren’t those plastic “out of the box” products
Price is based on a new installation (yard is not existing)

Contact Information

Phone: 801-268-4213
Email: bsteinfeldt@classicsprinklers.com  (Brad)
Email: j@classicsprinklers.com (Julie)

Serving Area

We generally do work in Salt Lake, Utah, Summit, Wasatch, Tooele, and Davis counties but also have done work as far as Green River, Wyoming to the east and Richfield, Utah to the south.  Most of our work is concentrated in the Salt Lake, Davis and Summit counties. 

Legal Information

Business License:  #00009998 (Murray City)
Contractor License:  #348742-5501 (verifiable @ Utah DOPL)
Liability Insurance: Available Upon Request
Worker’s Compensation Insurance: Available Upon Request


All our work comes with a warranty, and since we’ve been in business for over 25 year, you can be confident that we’ll be around to honor the warranty

The Parts

Whether it’s a sprinkler head or a slab of sod, if the manufacturer will guarantee the product, we will help get it replaced.  Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty for any details or specifics.  We can direct you to those specifics if needed.

The Labor

Contract work

Our labor warranty is based on the labor costs of fixing or replacing a malfunctioning part and works in conjunction with the manufacturer’s warranty.  The duration of our labor warranty lasts for the duration of the manufacturer warranty OR as stated in your contract, whichever is less.  For example, if the manufacturer provides a one year warranty on a part, and it malfunctions according to its specifications within that year, and we have offered a one year warranty on the labor, we will fix or replace that malfunctioning part free of charge.  If, on the other hand, the manufacturer will give a warranty of five years, and we contracted for one year, and the part fails on the second year, we will replace the product but charge for the labor.  Lastly, if a manufacturer provides a one year warranty and we offer a two year warranty on labor, and the part fails in 18 months, neither the part nor the labor would be covered.

Repair work

All repair work, labor done as parts and material, comes with a standard 90 day warranty.  

Spray Coverage

As part of our sprinkler warranty, we guarantee the spray coverage for the duration of the labor warranty.  This means we backup the layout of our systems.  So, if we discussed getting water to an area, and there is no water getting there, we will fix the problem.  There are some limitations to this warranty.  First, it’s limited by the natural growth of the landscape.  If planting material grows up around a head, blocking the spray, we can’t be held responsible.  Second, it’s based on effective water pressure (in order for spray heads to work, we need a working pressure of at least 30 p.s.i. when we are using a minimum of 10 gallons per minute).  We have no control over source pressure.  Third, it’s limited to access.  If there’s a planter area surrounded by cement, and no sleeve is providing access to it, we might not be able to get water to it.  Lastly, our coverage warranty does not guarantee against dry areas.  Different parts of a yard will dry out faster than others due to more sun, slopes in the yard, soil conditions, etc.  To remedy such issues, simply increase the water time to that particular station, and realize that it’s not .