Sprinkler Details

For Utah, a sprinkler system is vital to a yard.  Without it, the hot, dry summer months can devastate your lawn and plants.  So, you need a system that is dependable, efficient and well-designed.  We install the most dependable and efficient systems possible, and we back it up with our reputation and warranty.


The dependability of a system hinges on the products used.  We could have the perfect design, but if the parts are poor, you won’t get results.  That’s why we mostly install sprinkler parts from Hunter Industries– one of the leading irrigation manufacturers in the world.

Sprinkler head

The sprinkler head does most of the work of your system.  It’s what distributes the water across the yard.  We prefer the Hunter Pro-Spray because of it’s durability and reliability.  And Hunter has the evidence to prove it:


And Hunter backs up their products with a great warranty.  For details, you can read about it.  But, the way it works is simple…if there’s a problem with one of their products, and it wasn’t cause by man or nature, we can replace it for up to three years!


There are three things that are in a limited supply: time, money and water.  An efficient system can save you on all three, and who doesn’t need that.

MP Rotator

The MP Rotator is a multi-stream nozzle that’s designed to provide a more even coverage across the lawn.  Rather than just tossing water out there, the MP Rotator has varying streams that distribute the water more effectively.  Because of this, Hunter boasts a 30% savings on water usage over traditional spray heads.  And when you pay for the water, that efficiency can turn into cash.

The MP Rotator also applies the water more slowly.  This means that your soil can more easily absorb the water before it runs off.  For example, if you threw a hose onto the lawn, once the water finds a direction to go, it will run that direction, and the only area that would get water is the places where the water drains.  The same thing happens when a spray head puts too much water down too quickly.  Rather than absorb into the soil, it runs off.  That’s extremely in efficient.

On top of all these benefits, the MP Rotator is fun to watch.  Just check out this informative video:

Drip Tubing

Drip irrigation is another way to squeeze the most out of the water you use.  Drip uses small emitters that apply the water directly at the source.  That means, if you have shrubs planted every three feet, the water can be applied every three feet, right at each plant.  By doing this, there’s no water wasted between each plant.

Drip also applies the water very slowly.  This gives the soil time to absorb the water, which limits run-off.  Another advantage of this slow dripping rate is it will allow the home owner to add more plants and emitters without affecting coverage.  You can’t do that with a spray head without the risk of decreasing the water pressure of your system and decreasing the effectiveness of all the heads.

Smart Controllers

A final way to save water, time and money is through your controller.  This goes directly to how the water schedule is set and adjusted.  You can have the most efficient and dependable system, but if it’s not running the right amount, your yard may still be under or over watered.  One of the greatest innovations to help us create that perfect water schedule is the introduction of the “Smart Controller.”

A smart controller uses current weather conditions to adjust itself for its needs.  In other words, if it rains, it will not turn on; if it gets hot, it will increase the amount of time the stations water; if it cools down, it will decrease the amount of time the stations water.  How awesome is that!  We recommend a couple of different smart controllers:

X-Core and Solar sync

Hunter makes a great controller, the X-Core, and to make it “Smart”, we simply install the Solar Sync.  The Solar Sync is a personal weather station that is installed outside, generally on the eaves of the home, where it can get a proper weather reading.

X-Core Controller (outdoor model shown)
Solar Sync

We’ve been installing the Solar Sync for over six years and have been very pleased with the ease of use and dependability.  It’s not much  harder to program than the X-Core itself, and once programed, it works wonderfully.  And, if it happens to go bad, Hunter will replace it for 5 years!  That’s an amazing warranty.


Another options for smart controlling is to use your smart phone– Yes, they even have an app for your sprinklers.  At first, you might think it’s crazy, “Just another icon to clutter the screen on my phone,” but once you try it, you’ll completely forget why you thought that.

Rachio phone app

Just like the Solar Sync, the Rachio uses local weather to make adjustments through the season.  But, instead of using its own weather station in your yard, it uses local weather websites to make the adjustments.

And, to make things even easier, you can use your phone like a remote control for your sprinklers.  That’s great when you just planted those flowers and want to give them a little extra water.  Or, if you want to see why there’s a dry spot.  Pull the phone out of your pocket and turn it on.  Right there while you’re thinking about it.


All these wonderful products are worthless if they are installed incorrectly.  With over 30 years of experience, we know how to do it.  We know how to lay out the sprinkler heads in a pattern that works for your unique yard.  We know how to gauge a system for your water pressure.  We know where to install automatic drains to avoid freeze damage.  That knowledge can only from doing over 1500 installations.

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